All About Centrifugal Clutches For Go Karts and More!

Photo Gallery: Belt Drive Clutches for Go Karts

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    Centrifugal Clutch System for Go Kart


    Belt drive clutch systems, like this one made by Comet Industries, are cost effective and very durable.
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    Comet 20 Series Driven


    The 20 Series uses a BLUE coil cam spring and six buttons. One missing button can cause the spring to fail.
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    Comet 20 Series


    Comet Industries uses a Symmetric Belt on the 20 Series. The 20 Series uses a 3/4" Top Width belt.
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    Comet 30 Series Driven


    Comet 30 Series requires GREEN coil spring. Note that one missing cam button can permanently damage the spring.
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    Comet 30 Series


    Comet Industries 30 Systems use Asymmetric belts. Always run the "FLAT" side towards the engine.
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    Comet 7 inch Diameter Driven


    Systems using the larger Driven unit have a better low-end. Conversely, smaller pulleys top out higher.
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    Comet Asymmetric System


    Comet makes two types of Belt systems: Aysmmetric pulley shown here. Notice the FLAT side of the pulley is on the engine side.
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    Comet 20/30 Series Cam Buttons


    Image illustrates the cam buttons are missing. Even one lost button can damage the cam spring and more.
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    Comet 40 Series Drive Clutch


    One of the most popular in the Comet Industries line. Requires a Symmetric, 7/8" Top Width belt. Easily identified by the "welded nut" on the dome cover. Usually 1" or 3/4" Bore.

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